Saturday, November 29, 2008

Midnight Shopping on Thanksgiving- Worst Idea Ever

Ok, So every now and then I come up with an idea that seems brillant at the time to later find out it was a terrible mistake. So, my latest brillant idea was to go shopping at the outlet mall in Limerick, PA at midnight on Thanksgiving. I thought... ohhh, this will be fun and it's something that I have never done before. The outlets in Limerick, PA are new and most people who I talk to don't know about them at all so I was wondering if anyone else was even going to show up for this late night shopping event. Austin of course, didn't want me going out that late by myself so he decided to tag along. Well, we headed out around 11:30pm, stopped at wawa for a coffee, and were on our way. The outlets are about 40 minutes away and things were going well for about the first 35 minutes. Well, as soon as we saw the sign for the stores (about 2 miles from the exit) is when things started to go bad. The traffic was dead stopped. At the beginning of the traffic people in their cars were wearing Santa Hats and singing Holiday songs. Well, things wouldn't have been too bad, but Austin apparently drank 4 glasses of iced tea before we left and a coffee on the road and here we are stuck in traffic with no potty in sight for the 2 miles of stopped traffic. Now, you all know that feeling. Apparently, other people had the same problem because I have never seen so many people get out of the car and pee in the street. After the first hour, no amount of Holiday music could make me want to go holiday shopping and there was no place to turn around. The Santa hats were gone at this point, and the Holiday music was replaced by beeping and yelling. So, by the time we got to the exit it was after 2am and it took us 10 more minutes to get to the ramp just to turn around. Austin never speeds on the highway, but on the way home he was speeding, because at this point 2hrs later he felt like his bladder might explode. Needless to say, this was not one of my best ideas, but it didn't stop me from getting up and going shopping on black Friday.....


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