Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Year.... New Website.. Exciting New Changes!

So, Your probably wondering what is going on over here for the New Year, and there are some big, exciting changes coming for Issy Schmid Imaging. First and foremost... This blog is being retired, but don't worry, everything will still exist here and has been copied over to my new website. I have been completely rebuilding my website over the past few weeks, and instead of having a website and a blog, I will now I have everything centrally located on one website... better known as .. A Blogsite. So from now on, to see all the new blog posts, as well as my photo galleries, you will head over to www.issyschmidimaging.com Issy Schmid Imaging. Some upcoming blog posts will include, our latest personal and business projects, our trip to the photography conference in New Orleans, and a fun post from the Jingle Ball Concert. See you over on the new site!